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H. Quantitative estimation of visual sensitivity to early pathological changes

Quantitative MRI (qMRI) may provide higher sensitivity to early pathological changes than standard qualitative assessment. This advantage, however, is yet to be rigorously compared with conventional diagnostic methods. This project aims to quantify the human ability to detect predefined changes in T2-weighted images as part of the diagnostic process of multiple sclerosis (MS). The project’s end goal is to show that the human vision has lower sensitivity to subtle MS lesions in T2-weighted images, in comparison to quantitative assessment of the change in T2 values.


Demonstration of trial images formation from a scan of a healthy subject: (a) T2-weighted images from a healthy subject (b) T2 and PD maps (c) T2 map editing using a drawn mask (d) lesioned T2-weighted image reconstructed from edited T2 map and original PD map

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