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Our lab is looking for highly motivated candidates for MSc, PhD, and postdoctoral studies. Work focuses on investigating tissues microstructure through the use of cellular-level tissue models. To that end we develop novel MRI techniques that allow to probe tissues at sub-voxel length scales. Techniques are implemented on three cutting edge MRI scanners available in Tel Aviv University: Human 3T, Animal 7T and a 9.4T micro-imager.

Research projects include studying spin-physics (pulse-programming), design of new image reconstruction algorithms, and biological and clinical applications. In addition to the work at the lab, we collaborate with several hospitals (in Israel and abroad) to integrate new MRI techniques into routine clinical use.

Funding is available based on scientific excellence.

⇒  Please email Applications to Dr. Noam Ben-Eliezer ( with CV and brief Statement of Interests.

Thanks for submitting!

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