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Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME) patients do not always respond to disease modifying medications and continue having seizures that significantly disrupt their daily routine. Examining the event-related-potential (ERP) signals of drug-responsive JME patients compared to nonresponsive ones, we can identify the electrical activity underlying the differences between the two groups. The  gold-standard method for analysing ERP signal has not been re-evaluated regarding the quality of the final signal produced. In this project, we propose a new method for analyzing ERP signals, through which we are able to distinguish JME patients from Healthy Controls, as well as drug-responsive JME patients from nonresponsive ones, and offer new insights into the mechanism of brain activity in drug-responsive JME patients.


Amplitude of time-point of interest in the ERP signal of JME patients using the gold-standard method (blue, "classic") compared to the suggested method (red, "method"). We can detect higher amplitudes in the ERP using the suggested method. Scale - micro-volt.

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